Why entrepreneurs should upgrade their health - featuring Giovanni Marsico
Health Upgrade PodcastMarch 10, 2021
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Why entrepreneurs should upgrade their health - featuring Giovanni Marsico

Dr. Navaz Habib
Dr. Navaz Habib
Hello everybody, welcome to another episode of the Health Upgrade Podcast.
I’m super excited about today’s episode. In this interview, I will be talking with Giovanni Marsico. He is a really gifted person and the Founder/CEO of Archangel Academy (https://archangelacademy.com/) It is a community of superhero entrepreneurs, leaders, and game-changers that are making the world a better place through mission-driven entrepreneurship and philanthropy.
In today’s episode, Giovanni shares with us the steps that he took to really take control of his health, and how it translated not only into personal success, but business success. He also explains how he used his health journey to show up on a daily basis, to expand his network and business, and to become the super successful man he is today!
Listen to the episode to learn more about Giovanni’s story and how to take control of your health. Rate and review before the next episode. If you want to know more about us and what we do, go to www.healthupgradepodcast.com
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