Upgrade your Courage - featuring Billy Anderson
December 23, 2020
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Upgrade your Courage - featuring Billy Anderson

Dr. Navaz Habib
Dr. Navaz Habib
Hello everybody, welcome to another episode of the Health Upgrade Podcast.
In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of talking to Billy Anderson.He is the founder of the Courage Crusade https://couragecrusade.com/and the author of the book “Your comfort zone is killing you” https://couragecrusade.com/yourcomfortzoneiskillingyou/
In this episode, Billy Anderson is sharing with us his story about the difficulties and challenges he experienced, and how he managed to pull himself out of that situation eventually. He explains to us how he started to live his life in a way that every single day, he just wants to jump out of the bed and start dancing. He found the courage to get away from his comfort zone, he dropped his successful advertising career and followed his path.
Billy Anderson redefines success in terms of fun and fulfillment and now he is living a life that is true to him, while making a positive impact on the world. He helps other people figure out their “point” and live a life that’s true to them. He is talking about how important it is to free ourselves from all the rules and obligations that other people want us to follow, in order to live the life we truly desire. 
And as Billy Anderson says: “If you want to achieve this goal, you have to love who you are, live true to yourself and feel strong enough to carve your own path in life”
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