Overview of the Autonomic Nervous System - featuring JP Errico
Health Upgrade PodcastJuly 06, 2022x
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Overview of the Autonomic Nervous System - featuring JP Errico

Dr. Navaz Habib
Dr. Navaz Habib

Hello everybody, welcome back to the health upgrade podcast. 

I am so so excited for this new season of the health upgrade podcast, because we're doing something a little bit different. We're doing an entire series dedicated to understanding the autonomic nervous system, understanding the consequences of a non functional or dysfunctional autonomic nervous system, and what we can do about it.

This particular serie is going to be for practitioners and biohackers, those who really want to get to know the underlying pathophysiology and the specific reasons for why conditions occur in the first place. 

I'm honored and excited to be doing this alongside JP Eriko. He's very research minded, has a very diverse background, when it comes to research and inventing. His focus is on helping to create health using tools that are available to us and allowing our human ingenuity to come out and really create positive change in our health and in the world. 

In this episode we are going to do a basic overview of the vagus nerve, the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system, the parasympathetic and sympathetic components, and understanding kind of the function of those particular sections of the autonomic nervous system.

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