Emerging Science In Microglial Cell Activity - featuring Dr. Marie-Eve Tremblay
Health Upgrade PodcastNovember 16, 2022x
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Emerging Science In Microglial Cell Activity - featuring Dr. Marie-Eve Tremblay

Dr. Navaz Habib
Dr. Navaz Habib

Hello everybody and welcome on the Health Upgrade Podcast

In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of talking with Dr. Marie-Eve Tremblay from University of Victoria. She is Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair (Tier II) of Neurobiology of Aging and Cognition


Dr. Tremblay’s research focuses on aging and cognition, using both animal and human brain models to explore the significance of microglial remodeling of neuronal circuits and elimination of synapses in the pathogenesis of brain disorders.

In this interview we focus on microglial cell function, and we dig into her amazing research and findings in neurodevelopment, to understand how the microglia plays such an important role in the development and the function of our brains, spinal cord and all the central nervous system. Microglia are really important for maintaining the quality of our brain environment and the formation of the different cells. They perform this quality check so whenever something goes wrong, they have to intervene at the earliest signs of homeostatic disturbance. 

We will also talk about some of the neurodegenerative conditions & diseases, how they function and how microglial cells play a role there.


Listen to episode to learn more about Dr. Murray and her wonderful and exciting research on neurodevelopment!


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